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Sensual Bodyrubs

What is sensual massage?

Just as the name implies, this massage is incredibly sensual and combines the elements that we associate with this word. Provision of the free, non-judgmental and completely open environment is exceptionally important during a sensual massage, and this is where we constantly put our emphasis. This type of massage is very intimate and allows you to feel cared for every single second and even after the massage is finished. After the massage, you will feel your libido increase and become more aware and in tune with your body.

All the massage therapists working with us are young and beautiful females, who have been carefully selected so that they qualify for the performance of the sensual massage.  An extensive experience of the masseuses gives them an opportunity to select the most appropriate approach to every single person receiving a massage.

How is relaxation achieved?

One of the most relaxing things about the sensual massage is nudity of the masseuse . Such approach promotes the feelings of complete trust and freedom, which is hard to achieve when one of the people is fully clothed. The sensual experience you receive during the massage is aimed at the complete relaxation of your entire body. This can only be achieved if you allow yourself to let go of any thoughts about your work or any problems in your personal life. The massage combines different techniques and varied amount of pressure to achieve the maximum effect. Just as any typical massage you’re used to, this massage session starts off with gentle and slow strokes, while gradually adding the pressure and allowing deep tissues of your body to relax. It is essential to get rid of any tension in the body, as it can lead to various health issues and the feeling of carrying the whole world on your shoulders. Sensual massage in Paris at Allure Massage has been practiced for a long time, and we continuously work on improving our massage services for our clients who come to the capital from all across the world. It should also be mentioned, that the sensual massage should not be misunderstood as sexual, and our masseuses do not engage in sexual activities with the clients.

Sensual massage is certainly the most relaxing thing you can go through, as it promotes the deep level of relaxation to your entire body, mind, and soul.


Bodyslide massage is a special kind of relaxation when a masseuse gently massages all of your body giving you intimate caress. The main purpose of almost nude massage is not the excitement but relaxation. This massage has a positive effect on sexual energy and helps reach the harmony of the senses. It awakens new sexual feelings and emotions. Even though it sounds paradoxical, it is recommended to talk during nude massage to discuss your feelings and sensations. This requires a special setting – dim lights, relaxing music, and scented candles. It should be warm in the room so that you could completely relax and not shiver during the process.

During the massage, a masseuse usually uses a special cream made of natural ingredients or aromatic oil. The best scents include orange, patchouli, cinnamon, bergamot, jasmine, iris, tuberose, and ylang-ylang. You need to be very relaxed for massage. For this, you can take an aromatic bath before the session.

The intensity of the movements during massage increases gradually. A masseuse starts massaging you with gentle circular caressing touches, then moves to warming rubbing, and energetic movements. Other movements in this massage include vibration, patting with fingertips, and touches . Bodysldie massage can also include a special technique, massage with the whole body. This is when a masseuse touches you with her whole body using additional things like feathers, pieces of fur, silk, or velvet.


How is tantric massage performed?

Tantra massage is performed by beautiful masseuses who are highly skilled in the ancient art of tantric massage and will focus on creating the most relaxing experience for every individual. We realize that every person is completely different and requires a personalized approach, so every masseuse uses her touch and intuition to determine which strokes and how much pressure will be most beneficial for the client. During the massage session, you can ask the masseuse to be gentler or apply more pressure with her touches, as you’re the only one who knows your body the best. An absence of clothing on the client and the masseuse provides the feeling of complete freedom and trust and allows the person to let go of any of the limitations.

Here every client will get an individual approach during one of the best kinds of massage. You will receive an abundance of caresses, and your whole body will be able to relax. Body to body massage assists to reveal the erotic potential of even the humblest person.

Anyone can come to our salon and afford the procedure of body massage. Nice atmosphere, which is specifically created so that the client could feel comfortable and cozy, helps relax even before the beginning of massage. Body massage is not only for pleasure, but also it is very useful for health. This is an excellent prevention of stress and depression. Our salon offers you an excellent opportunity to get a massage in a hotel where you stay or your home if you want to get more privacy.

$ Pricing $

Thirty Minutes / Half Hour

General $60 (hands only)

Bodyslide $200 (Full body on body)

Tantra $ 300 

60 Minutes / Hour

General $ 100 (Hands only)

Bodyslide $ 250 (Full body on body)

Tantra $ 400


*Vip* 90 Minutes

General $ 160 ( hands only )

Bodyslide $ 300 (Full body on body ) 

Tantra $ 400 

Not all providers Provide Bodyslide or Tantra.


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