Couples Bodyslide Classes

Learn how to give your lover a full body on body experience. Learn the art of Bodyslide today!

In this class you will learn all the erotic zones on the body and how to please them in ways that you have never done before (and your lover has never felt before!).  Learn the art of the erotic massage by invoking your sexual energy, creativity and brand it as your own.  They will never know where you got the moves from and it will be something that they will never forget and want you to do over and over again.

Use the erotic massage to get closer to your lover, spark some flavor into your sex life or just learn another skill to put into your sexuality arsenal!  This class helps you to point out your assets and use them to the best of your ability, all while tying in knowledge of your lover’s body and connecting them on another level.  ​​

Ask about our Cuddle classes today !

Are you in need of some physical affection, but have no one to turn to?  Or do you just want to de-stress and feel better?

Either way, platonic cuddle work might be something that you are looking for.  Platonic cuddling has a a great amount of benefits including:

*It feels good

*It makes you feel sexy

*It reduces stress and blood pressure

*It helps with emotional bonding

*It helps with communication skills

*It’s great for your sex life

*It makes for a happier relationship

*It helps relieve pain

*It’s good for your immune system

Whether you like to be the little spoon or the big spoon, there are so many different ways of cuddling that can work for you!