Sutra Healing Center A Tantric Masseuse Now Hiring

Training for Tantra Goddess and God provided for Sutra Healing Center.

A Tantric Masseuse {Sexual-Healing} Training for Tantra Goddess and God provided for Sutra Healing Center. Tantric Goddess and God Training, establishing healthy emotions and establishing healthy emotional environment.

Here we train the deepest level of Tantric Goddess and Gods. Applications are considered seriously. You need to have higher aspirations than just providing sexual or sensual services.

A true Goddess is Self Empowered. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses making her a complete person who knows who she is as body and soul power.

Acknowledgement of how you see your own world is the foundation to awakening Tantric God and Goddess.

When undertaking of who and what we really are is at the core of our Tantric Goddess and God Training. Realistic motivation must be at the heart of the search for the self. In this process we meet each other at the purest level to become one with the truth of who you are. We have the power to change our attitude and your actions by connecting with the knowledge of universal energy. Learn how gather the fractured energy and direct it to the spiritual connection to understanding your capacity of discovering who you are. The training takes you beyond ordinary vision you have of yourself and of your partner. This process opens the doorway to seeing the way to connecting to the beauty to all things and all beings as God.

Seeking the truth that others cannot see is the empowerment that can be applied in everyday life.

What are you aiming for in Tantric Goddess and God Training.

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What is the motivation behind seeking Tantric goddess and God Training.

There is often a reason behind the search, yet often we may not be aware of the emotion behind the search. Often it comes from experiencing sexual abuse, mental or emotional abuse. We as westerners most have come from a very dysfunctional family situation. So we want to avoid getting stuck in sex techniques that are generically offered as a doorway to healing.

Sexual abuse is no different it leaves a psychic wound as well as an energetic wound. This is where healing must begin to be addressed. Now you are beginning to understand that what it does do though is mess with your brain where you are making choices that you believe are yours. Truth is that you bought false knowledge. You bought a lie. Again you’l find my clients talk about the fact that genital manipulation was not used. he energy was more physical in healing the body than any touch could be.

The person becomes right brain dominant that renders them compliant to the demands of the master where they are enslaved but believe they are making a true choice.

They actually believe they are happy in a sad environment because everyone around the world has bought the lie including some of the most learned therapist.

I won’t keep truth from you because you also have a soul that seeks to be empowered not to be ignored. You shall study the dark and the white side of Tantra so you know what to protect yourself from. We will not participate in dark tantra. We recognise the temptation of dark side of life because that’s where most people gravitate.Innocence is wisdom it is not ignorance of truth. Be careful. This is White Goddess Training not the red or the dark Goddess Training that has been the most successful adult industry con in history.Lately almost every suburb in most cities now has a Tantric Goddess sex worker, so it is not a wise choice as an extra tool to defining the difference as competition is huge.

Prices of tantric sex services are very competitive. These so called Tantric service providers are struggling and competing on price. They are just adult service providers nothing more. But promising spiritual liberation.

*The general public are waking up to the lie because thanks to the internet you can be your own researcher.

Just by asking different questions you’ll find different answers. 

These answers may not be convenient escapes marketed out there but they will lead you to your truth.