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*Sacred Agreements*

*Sacred Agreements*

In order to facilitate safe space the following are Sacred Agreements that ALL attendees have signed and agreed to Honor. These agreements have been in effect since June of 2017. SutraHealing Goddess- TempleAgreements:
In order to facilitate safe space the Following agreements must be signed by each member at the beginning of the Calendar year. Attendees will be asked to sign at each OPEN community event. These act as a formal code of doctrine & discipline and have been in effect since May 2017. The attendee signing understands that this is a legally binding written agreement and sign at their own free will and by their own choosing.

  1. This is a safe space- there will be zero tolerance for judgement, criticism and violence.
  2. There is no smoking allowed on the property. Please do so in the privacy of your vehicle and do not dispose of “butts” on the ground. 
  3. This is a drug free/alcohol free space. Please do not bring illegal paraphernalia onto the property. If you arrive for an event under the influence of an illegal substance you will given a ride home and will not be allowed to participate or invited back. 
  4. Children are welcome to attend events and MUST be accompanied by their legal guardian, who will need to sign a permission and responsibility waiver. 
  5. Attendees of the Sutra healing Goddess Temple recognize that this a Pagan structure devoted to the ancient ways, earth based practices and agree to participate and honor in the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none, do as ye will.” Sutra Healing Goddess Temple is a place of worship and a Dedicated Religious structure. 
  6. No photography allowed during rituals, unless specified permission is granted. 
  7. Please remove shoes before entering the Temple and please do not touch religious items and/or altars.
  8. Removal of any items on the property is illegal and will be considered theft. 
  9. Attendees agree to attend as many weekly services, High Holy Sabbats and religious training opportunities in an effort to increase their education and develop a stronger practice both solitary and within the Sutra Healing Goddess Temple community. 
  10. Respect for animal residents on the property. Please do not feed or touch animals without permission. Animals referring to (chickens & cats)
  11. The Utah Goddess Temple is located on private property. Any personal or property damages and/or theft or vandalism will be the responsibility of the guilty party to fix or repair. Attendees agree to take full responsibility for their actions and/or violations. 
  12. Any attendee found to be in violation will be excused from the Property, Law enforcement may be notified and membership will be void. 
  13. Because of the abundance of Religious Discrimination ALL attendees agree to not disclose other members identities, ritual details and share weekly service teachings. 

Membership Signature:___________________________________ Date:___________________



Waiver For Sutra Healing Center

Applicant’s Responsibilities, Declaration of Consent to All Risks, and Clarification of Content

  • I hereby give my consent to participate in and to receive massage and/or other bodywork, or instruction in Tantra-Massage, Yoga, bodywork including genital massage and intimate touch, energy work training, and any body-related interaction and to use massage oils or any other props, gels, or creams from trainers, assistants, or related personnel  and I acknowledge and agree that I am doing so at my own risk.
  • I hereby declare that I am fully aware and accept that my health and safety, with respect to such training, are my sole responsibility.
  • I acknowledge that my participation in any session or training program, courses, or activities with Sutra Healing Center may result in my bodily injury, discomfort, purification effects, hyperventilation, increased heart rate, emotional releases, and emotional overload among other effects, up to and including – in an extremely rare case – my own death.
  • My decision to receive training or participate in any courses or activities with Sutra Healing Center is voluntary, and I know of, understand, and assume any and all risks associated therewith.

Declaration of Confidentiality and No Recording Policy

  • I hereby commit not to record (by means of video, audio, or any other means) the content, teaching materials, lectures, sessions, or any other content or teachings of the Sutra Healing Center sessions and courses in which I participate. I am aware that if I breach this commitment, I may be expelled immediately from any session or course with no refund or compensation and I may become the subject of legal action against myself as well as incur fines and legal/financial liability for copyright infringement.
  • I also hereby commit not to distribute course materials provided directly to me to anyone, regardless of whether that person/those people may have previously joined Sutra Healing Center in any format – whether printed, digital, or based in social media or online content. Unauthorized distribution of Sutra Healing Center will be considered a breach of this agreement, and perpetrators will be subject to legal repercussions.

Potential Risks and Side Effects of Tantra Massage

  • I am aware that Tantra Bodywork benefits include pain relief, relaxation, blood pressure moderation, stress reduction, and anxiety management.
  • By signing this document, I hereby confirm that I have been fully informed and I accept and agree fully to all the health risks mentioned henceforth. Also, I fully accept and agree to participate in any of the Sutra Healing Centers sessions or courses with full knowledge and awareness of the health risks and possible damages mention below:
  • Blood Clots

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) cautions massage therapists about the risks of massaging a client with high blood pressure. The pressure exerted during a massage could potentially cause arterial plaque to rupture and release blood clots into the system. Though the risk is low for such an event, blood clots can travel to the heart or brain. Clients with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a condition that causes blood clots to develop in the deep veins of the body, are especially at risk. Massage greatly increases the risks of a clot being released and traveling to the lungs.

  • Nerve Damage

Some forms of massage, such as deep tissue massage (including Tantra Massage), Structural Integration, and Rolfing require the massage therapist to exert pressure past the skin layer in order to manipulate muscles and connective tissues. During the Sutra Healing Center session courses as participant and in Tantra Massage teacher training if a participant does not communicate and does not give or receive proper feedback from another participant or from Sutra Healing Centers teachers, assistants, or staff, this may bring about the exertion of too much pressure, resulting in temporary nerve damage to a participant.

  • Infectious Skin Conditions

A number of infectious conditions of the skin can be transmitted during massage, despite the best efforts to screen participants within reason. These include herpes, cold sores, shingles rashes, warts, and ringworm. Likewise, as in the case of warts, during Tantra  training, people may unknowingly spread the contagion from one area of a person’s body to another or to themselves.

  • Temporary Side Effects

Side effects, otherwise known as purification effects, may include temporary pain, soreness, discomfort, bruising, swelling, and a sensitivity or allergy to massage oils. Also, nausea, vomiting, temporary or longer term diarrhea, various body discomfort symptoms, emotional expressions, and emotional release may exhibit, among other conditions.

PRIVACY POLICY  Sutra Healing Centers ritual Tantra regards customer privacy as an important part of our relationship with our students, clients and customers. The following privacy policy applies to all Ritual Tantra users and conforms to Internet privacy standards and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which came into effect in May 2019.